Woodworm can be a major cause of damage to timber and wooden furniture around your home. Larvae of the beetle feed on wood and small holes will be visible. They may get bigger as the insect grows and tries to get out. A thorough diagnosis is required to establish what type of species they are, as different treatments are needed for individual types. 
Our specialists from S.R. Gill Builders, based in Northampton, can carry out an independent survey for you around Northampton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. If you would like to enquire about our treatment services, please contact us. 

The most common species of woodworm in UK are: 

Common Furniture Beetle 

It attacks timber, floors and other wooden elements as well as furniture. Treatment is normally straightforward and it requires spray or brush application of particular chemicals. Any structurally affected timber will need replacing. 

Deathwatch Beetle 

The adult females lay eggs in crevices on wood, and the larvae tunnel in after hatching This often goes unnoticed until the young exit the wood leaving holes around 3mm in diameter. 

Longhorn Beetle 

Can cause structural damage because of the large size of the larvae and the PCS must be informed if this beetle is found. 

Powder Post Beetle 

This infestation can be treated similarly to the common beetle. 
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